BITTER HOUSEWIFE Set of 6 Bitters - 3.4 oz Bottles

BITTER HOUSEWIFE Set of 6 Bitters - 3.4 oz Bottles

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After Managing a bar in San Francisco and experimenting with fresh fruits, infusions, and ingredients not often found behind a bar, Genevieve Brazelton created The Bitter Housewife for herself and her whiskey-drinking friends who enjoy great taste, real ingredients, and fun. Each flavor is made with all real ingredients, never extracts or flavorings, to make your cocktails better. 

Old Fashioned Aromatic
The Bitter Housewife's signature flavor and what started this whole company, these bitters are full of baking spices like ginger, cinnamon, and allspice to bring out the spice in a rye-based whiskey and balanced with an earthy bitterness that will make your drinks more interesting.

Try it in:
Old Fashioned Bitter Housewife
Champagne Cocktail

Barrel Aged
These are rich, smooth bitters perfect for spirit-forward drinks like a Manhattan. You’ll taste a lot of vanilla flavor from the oak balanced nicely by a hint of smoke from the charred barrels. These bitters are sure to be a hit with bourbon and scotch lovers.

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These add a lovely depth to sweeter fruit-based drinks but also blend right in with the smoky characteristics of an Añejo tequila or scotch. Reminiscent of Christmas spice cookies, garam masala or perhaps lamb skewers. They are as much savory as they are sweet and that’s why they’re so fun.

Try it in:
Soft Shock
Sherry Cobbler
Italian Buck

Dead Guy Chicory
This collaboration with Rogue Distillery is all about dark, bitter flavors and a carefully crafted product that really shows off each ingredient's strengths. Building on the chocolate and coffee notes of Rogue’s Dead Guy Whiskey (used as the base), these rich, layered bitters feature roasted chicory and cocoa nibs for a truly indulgent addition to any whiskey-based cocktail.

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Chocolate Manhattan

tons of grapefruit flavor but without the acid, you get the floral notes of grapefruit with the addition of hops and then balanced that out with earthy ginger, and rich honey. Grapefruit Bitters are the only bitters in the Bitter Housewife line that are sweetened with honey.

Try it in:
Italian Mimosa
The Mrs.
Averna Spritz

Lime Coriander
These bitters are made for tall, cold, refreshing summer drinks - tart and sweet and worthy of sipping all day long. The coriander brings a savory and almost sweet note to these simple, versatile bitters. 

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Cucumber Gin Spritz

These bitters are bright, full of flavor, and familiar in a way that inspires you to play with it. The Bitter Housewife packs these full of fresh navel orange peel, about one orange per bottle, keep the baking spices subtle and on the earthy side, and adds earl grey tea for an unexpected floral note.

Try it in:
Celtic Scoundrel
Susan’s Gin Old Fashioned
Knitting Lessons

Westward Hazelnut
Inspired by Westward Whiskey and the cool fall weather of the Pacific Northwest, these bitters were made with an elevated, holiday Old Fashioned in mind. I imagine sipping one curled up by a fire in a Pendelton blanket while listening to the rain pour down.

These bitters are a lighter version of our Aromatic bitters that really let all the toasty flavor of roasted Oregon grown hazelnuts shine through. Finished with the spicy notes of cinnamon and black pepper, they bring a welcome warmth to any cocktail you dash them in.

Sampler Set #1
Includes Barrel Aged Bitters, Aromatic Bitters, and Orange Bitters.

Complete Set
Aromatic, Barrel Aged, Cardamom, Grapefruit, Lime Coriander, Orange