BITTER HOUSEWIFE Cardamom Bitters 3.4 oz

BITTER HOUSEWIFE Cardamom Bitters 3.4 oz

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After Managing a bar in San Francisco and experimenting with fresh fruits, infusions, and ingredients not often found behind a bar, Genevieve Brazelton created The Bitter Housewife for herself and her whiskey-drinking friends who enjoy great taste, real ingredients, and fun. Each flavor is made with all real ingredients, never extracts or flavorings, to make your cocktails better. 

These bitters add a lovely depth to sweeter fruit-based drinks but also blend right in with the smoky characteristics of an Añejo tequila or scotch. Reminiscent of Christmas spice cookies, garam masala or perhaps lamb skewers. They are as much savory as they are sweet and that’s why they’re so fun.

Try it in:

  • Soft Shock
  • Sherry Cobbler
  • Italian Buck