BITTERCUBE Trinity Bitters - 5 oz
BITTERCUBE Trinity Bitters - 5 oz

BITTERCUBE Trinity Bitters - 5 oz

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Bittercube Trinity is a proprietary blend of Cherry Bark Vanilla, Bolivar and Orange Bitters that provides an all-purpose bitters style. This union is rested for more than a month, amalgamating the flavors to produce a unique variety of versatile, aromatic bitters. Trinity bitters have subtle citrus and floral aromas, with complex flavors of oak, dried fruits and vanilla. 

Ingredients: Alcohol, water, spices, vanilla bean, prune juice, raisins, Chamomile, jasmine, orange peel, coriander, caraway, sugar.

Use In: Old Fashioned, Manhattan and other spirited libations.

Try This Recipe: The Trinity Old Fashioned

Boozy, yet elegant, the Trinity Old Fashioned balances proofy bourbon and rich maple syrup with a few dashes of our original bitters blend. Try it with brandy, rum, even gin, or sub in grapefruit or lemon peel or a unique variation.

  • 1/4 oz Maple syrup
  • 2 oz 90+ proof Bourbon
  • 2 droppers/dashes Bittercube Trinity Bitters
  • 1 Bittercube Cocktail Cedar

Add all of the ingredients to a stirring vessel and then fill with ice. Stir with a bar spoon until chilled and strain into Rocks glass with a large chunk of ice. Garnish with Orange peel expressed and inserted.