BOBS BITTERS Peppermint Bitters 100 ml

BOBS BITTERS Peppermint Bitters 100 ml

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Bob’s Bitters is a truly artisanal product. Bob hand-makes, bottles, labels and distributes his bitters all from his bespoke unit in Essex.

From grapefruit to chocolate, ginger to peppermint, Bob uses the finest ingredients steeped in alcohol, to create a collection of small-batch bitters that embody the purest flavor profiles.

Bob’s Bitters are made by steeping the specific-flavor ingredients (cardamom, ginger, chocolate) in locally sourced alcohol. This process takes around five weeks for the single-ingredient bitters and up to six months for Abbotts Bitters, which are matured in American White Oak charred barrels during this period.

Bob’s charming vintage-style pipette bottles deliver a perfect dosage every time.

Dried Polish and Bulgarian peppermint leaves combine to create a bright peppermint bouquet and a distinctive menthol flavor. The resulting peppermint liquid has a hint of citrus and a slightly bitter, woody finish.