Bitters Triple Play<sup>TM</sup> - Angostura 4 oz, Regans 5 oz, Peychauds 5 oz

Bitters Triple PlayTM - Angostura 4 oz, Regans 5 oz, Peychauds 5 oz

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Unlock the full potential of your cocktail creations with the Bitters Triple PlayTM bundle! This curated collection features three must-have bitters for any home bar or professional setup, including the classic Angostura Bitters (4 oz), the vibrant Peychaud's Bitters (5 oz), and the zesty Regans' Orange No. 6 Bitters (5 oz). Each bitters brings its own unique flavor profile, from the deep, herbal complexity of Angostura, to the floral and anise accents of Peychaud's, and the bright, citrusy notes of Regans'. Perfect for experimenting with new recipes or perfecting your favorite cocktails, this bundle offers versatility and depth to any drink. Elevate your mixology game with the Bitters Triple PlayTM—your cocktails will never be the same!